Saturday, January 17, 2004

Moving Day

I am now at my own domain located at I hope you all visit.

Friday, January 16, 2004

I'm back again with another update but its late and i'm tired so i came on here to let everyone know that i'm still here and may update my other blog tomorrow. I also may be getting another blog, one like Colleen's and Steves..more about that hopefully soon. I hope Steve is having fun in Port Hawksbury. Well i'm gonna go for now and maybe do an update tomorrow but i'm going to Colleen's(my mother) place tomorrow so i may not get a chance. everyone take take and thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'm finally back with anoth post. I had a few things going on that i never got around to doing an update. last update was dec 21st so i was still doing my xmas shopping
2. I had a really bad flu and actually still have a touch of it
3. i worked all through new years
4. i now started going back over my mothers place on the weekend and her and glenda now speak to each other
4 it was my birthday so i spent the weekend going to my mothers
5.its glendas birthday thursaday the 8th
6. its our anniversary the 9th

this is what has been going on in the last month so i need to clear my head on what i will have planned for these occasions. I hope everyone had a happy new year but like the saying goes: different year, more shit and a bigger pile. I enjoyed my christmas though, i spent it with everyone home and went to my mothers and seeing the stuff my little brother got and how exited he was also made it worth while going there.
Also considering this is another christmas spent without our grandparents which are still very much missed and making my little brother happy makes me happy considering what we have been through at a very young age in his life.

I used to enjoy watching my grandmother open gifts on christmas morning because she is the only one i have ever seen open gifts so neatly that she did not want to tear the wrapping paper and you could see the look on her face that she also loved the holiday and seeing my little brother open his gifts as well. My grandparents also made the best turkey and i dont care what anyone says. i used to have three or four plates lol. Ever since they dont make it i dont seem to eat as much turkey. I missed out on my mothers again because of the flu that everybody had..i hear that turkey is pretty good lol.

I will also be doing another update on my other blog eventually but I need something to write about. Please leave me a comment and take care.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I'm now back with another update. With christmas just around the corner i have been extremely busy. I was also up until 6:00am this morning formatting my computer. I did everything from scratch because it was giving me problems and i got what is called the blue screen of death which means my computer is toast so i decided to dump everything and start over.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was ok but it is ending really well. My brother decided to give me my chritmas gift early and i must say that i was both surprised and pleased. He decided to get me "whatever you say i am, The life and times of Eminem" It's a biography on him and i already started reading it. Just by the look of this blog..anyone can see what a eminem fan i am.

I also want to say that I should be over my mothers for christmas dinner if i an still invited. They usually have a good turkey every year and the past four years I have missed out on it. So I will be eating supper at home and should hopefully be making a trip to my mothers because i can eat alot of christmas dinner lol.

I saw the movie's "Bad Boyz 2" and "Bruce Almighty" I have the movie "x2 United" here that i didn't watch yet. "bruce Almighty" was ok and fairly funny as you can expect with Jim Carrey. "Bad Boyz 2" was a different story, that was an excellent movie and was on over 2 hours and i watched it twice already. Well what can you expext when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up. I am hoping to find "Bad Boyz" somewhere so i can buy it. The girlfriends grandfather gave me some money for christmas so i went out and bought "Bad Boyz 2"

Well that's about all i have for now so I hope everyone gets what they want from Santa and have a good day.

"we ride together...we die together..bad boyz 4 life"

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Just alittle quick update that i have put a new link on this blog and i updated my other blog and its linked my tributes. My new link is my photo album and i will have alot more photos when i get them scanned. please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my two new links.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I am back for another update, the reason wgy I have been doing little posts is because i am very busy with Christmas just around the corner and work and plus i also have another blog that i know have linked, theres not much coor to it yet but i will do more work on it.

It's a blog about people that were important to me, like certain celeberties that have passed away so i figured i would make a blog and do a tribute on them. There is no comments board there yet but there is a guest book so please feel free to sign it.

Well i will be back with another post and take care.

Friday, November 28, 2003

I opologize for the lack of posts but i tihnk i may be coming down with something plus I have been extremely busy trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas.

I have did a few more of those quizes but one result says i have kinky fetishes lol, I don't know where that came from.

I hope you Americans had a great thanksgiving. I am still trying to make myself another blog and hopefully it turns out well. I may also try to do some changes to this blog since i am used to this template. It seems like SuperSteve is paying for his own domain but i personally don't think it's worth it because I only come on here to talk about crap or just shoot the shit as they say lol but Steve seems to have alot to write so maybe that was the best choice for him.

I wouldn't mind buying my own domain because then it someone stole it they would be screwed but if people live there lives on the net trying to steal others property then i feel sorry for them. We rented to movie "Terminator 3" so i will be watching that tonight.WellI have to head into town to pick up a few things.

please leave me a comment and take care

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